Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils from doTERRA…Gift of the Earth…

Ignite is all about helping you be the happiest, healthiest, best you that you can be! Whether it be a regular yoga class, one to one teaching, one of our popular Wellness workshops or all of the above, we are passionate about changing lives for the better! Some of our techniques take a little more effort a than others, but who doesn’t love the residual ache of muscles stretched and growing in strength? But now we are more than excited to announce that we are now one of the first companies in the UK to give you access to the benefits of doTERRA’s ‘Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade’ Essential oils and all of the amazing health benefits that they can bring!

Found in many parts of the plant, Essential Oils are aromatic (fragrant) compounds that not only give a plant its distinctive scent, but also help protect it against both disease and predators too!

Many modern medicines are based on these natural plant-based compounds and medical research is once more focusing its study on how the effects that Nature can have on disease. It is after all what our ancestors have known and practiced for years!



How are they different and why do they work?

Put simply these oils are sourced globally, treated gently and sympathetically, by skilled growers, at the ideal time to produce “…the safest, purest, and most beneficial essential oils available today.” ( They are pure, natural compounds that work in harmony with your body, free from the synthetic and chemical additives found in conventional medicine.

The purity of doTERRA’s oils means that they are both safe enough to be ingested (not something that is recommended with ‘over the counter’ oils) and immediately absorbed by the skin on contact.

How can I use doTERRA oils in my life?

There are several methods for using the Essential oils, dictated both by location, symptom and personal preference. And of course you can use more than one oil at a time and more than one method, complementing each other for an enhanced effect! Basically, oils can be infused, using a special device that plugs directly in to an electric socket, filling the room with scent and allowing you to breathe in the oils benefits. You can add them to water or food, just one drop of the Peppermint Oils has the same calming digestive effects as 26 cups of Peppermint Tea! Dab them on pulse points, add them to your hot bath or add to carrier oil for a therapeutic massage and many more!…

doTERRA offer both individual oils and specialised blends to target specific complaints. The possibilities are truly limitless!

How do I find out more?

Ignite is launching an ever growing programme of demonstrations and Workshops, in both private and public settings. You could host a raw food and essential oils demonstration in the comfort of your own home, or join us at one of our monthly workshops.

We have a resources section at the bottom of this page, including a site to help you maktch your ailment with the perfect oil for you!

Where can I get my hands on some?

To learn even more about the DoTERRA or to try some of their incredible essential oils click here.

Contact Adele directly on 07970 893 994 or click here to leave your details and we’ll call you back to discuss your needs and how Ignite can help you!

Adele has already been sharing the oils with friends and family, clients and even adding an extra dimension to many of her classes, diffusing oils in the studio, with some fabulous results!…


“I have been using these almost magical oils for 3 months and was totally blown away by how they literally stopped my daughter, India from coughing within seconds of applying them and got her to sleep for 12 hours, allowing her to wake like a totally different child!  If you have children then you’ll know what a blessing that is!  Also this month is the FIRST month that I have been totally free of the debilitating PMS that I have been plagued with since my early 20’s! ‘Hoorah’ I say and bring it on!”

Ignite Founder, Adele.

“I have had severe asthma since I was 10 and been on intense meds, my body adjusting to them and more and more added. I tried all natural methods ie acupuncture, chiropractic etc, all to be told “I am sorry you are too severe and you need those meds”. It was hard to be a mom and affected me physically and emotionally, for my future wasn’t looking bright with the future side effects of these meds and how bad I always was. Oils came into my life and I didn’t give them a full shot and I also tried the store brands without much luck. Then I gave Doterra pure oils a full try (full for acute conditions) and found success!! I am still shocked I breathe into my cupped “Breathe” hands instead of inhalers now and that my daily oil regimen has gotten me off of those crazy meds with long term bad side effects. I am shocked I don’t have multiple asthma attacks during the day and all through the night— this had been my “norm” for decades and was my given way of living.  It is remarkable to me the change that has come in our lives due to DOTERRA on so many levels!

I am so thankful for the oils giving me a future to watch my kids grow up that I didn’t have a year and a half ago! And I am thankful my kids don’t live in fear. I asked my 10yr old what it was like having oils this past yr. I thought his response would be “I like them to focus in school” (cuz that has been huge for us) but instead his response was “Now that we have oils it isn’t so scary! Before you would have all these attacks and it was so bad and you couldn’t move and you would signal for us to get inhalers.  I was so scared you would suffocate cuz you told me to call 911 if you ever passed out…Mom, now you just do oils!! And you can breathe! It’s not scary anymore!” I didn’t realize how it truly was for my children. These oils gave my lungs what they needed to not be in a constant inflamed state with numerous intense attacks! And they gave me my present n future with my kids! These oils have changed our lives and those we love in too many ways to list and we are eternally grateful!”

Kathy, Ignite Client.