Hypnotherapy Packages

These sessions will include Life Coaching and integrated NLP

Issues we can alleviate and resolve through the use of our very own Personal Transformation sessions;


These sessions are 90 minutes in length and incorporate a thorough pre-treatment consultation.

Adele will leverage her decades of experience and raft of qualifications to elicit and transform the self you want to be from the self you allow yourself to be presently.
Together you will discover what is holding you back and how you can overcome those barriers to enable to move forward into a happier, healthier life.

When leaving the sessions you will feel;
An overall sense of wellbeing
A feeling of motivation
A sense of clarity
A clear vision of the steps to take
Confidence to move forward
More inspired than ever before                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Sessions are offered at £145 or available as a course for a significant discount:

4 sessions – £500 (a saving of £80)
8 sessions – £950 (a saving of £210)


Personal Transformation sessions!
Optimum weight Package

This powerful optimum weight package consists of a thorough 90 min coaching and hypnotherapy session which will encourage you to make the changes that you want to make on a PERMANENT basis so that remaining at your optimum and healthy weight becomes a simple and enjoyable way of life. A full wellness consultation will be given so that you can have a range of transformational products to enable you to carry on your success at home.

Our nutritionist Nicky Irlam, carry out a personalised consultation providing you with a bespoke nutritional programme to fulfill your needs and keep you on track.
Investment £299


Fertility package

This unique package comprises three hours of coaching and hypnotherapy that will help to identify and overcome any emotional issues and stresses you may have about your ability to become pregnant. The package also includes an hour long consultation with our nutritionist Nicky Irlam, will advise on food and nutrition choices proven to support a healthy reproductive system. Also included is a Doterra oil consultation, these wonderful 100% natural and organic oils are proven to support a healthy body and mind.

This package can be used in conjunction with medically prescribed fertility treatments such as IVF

Stress from any source is a powerful blocker to becoming pregnant, getting stressed about pregnant can become a vicious circle that we can help you break while preparing you physically, mentally and emotionally for a happy and healthy pregnancy. Let us help you to break the make this experience as easy and stress free as possible

Investment of £299


Subsequent session – course of 5 £650 (Nutrition or Coaching/Hypnotherapy)
Single sessions – £145


What is it?

Hypnotherapy is the skill of using hypnosis, an altered form of consciousness, to help heal, support and transform. It’s an extremely powerful form of treatment, and works by gently encouraging a very relaxed and receptive state of mind. There’s nothing to worry about – you’ll remain in full control at all times, and will be able to bring yourself out of the hypnotic state if you wish. While your conscious mind is calm and open, I’ll work with your unconscious mind to introduce new concepts of positivity and achievement. Together, we’ll gently break established patterns in thoughts, emotions and behaviour to bring about life-changing results.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful treatment for breaking habits and phobias, alleviating stress related problems and treating many longterm health issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and eczema. Together, we’ll explore what’s holding you back from living an amazing, fulfilled life and discover how you can overcome those barriers. It’s time to move forward into a happier, healthier life!


How I can help

As a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, I’ve many years of experience in helping clients suffering from a wide range of issues, from crippling social anxiety to a heavy smoking habit. As it’s non-invasive and relaxing, most people respond well to treatment and many of my clients have seen fantastic, positive changes where more traditional approaches have failed.

For hypnotherapy to work, it’s really important that you feel safe and comfortable with your therapist. That’s why all my sessions start with a detailed discussion about your lifestyle and medical history, as well as what you’re hoping to achieve from treatment. I’ll explain how the process works, and answer any questions you might have before gently leading you into a state of extreme mental relaxation. Working towards the goals we’ve agreed together, I’ll work on changing negative thought and behaviour patterns to help you feel positive and energised. When the treatment’s over, you should feel calm and content, and ready to live the best-ever version of your life.