We have provided a high quality service to our clients over many years now. We pride ourselves on the level of service that we devote to our clients, not just while we are working with them on our various courses, classes, workshops and retreats but also afterwards forming lasting relationships that have stood the test of time. Here are what just a few of our clients have to say about Ignite Coaching:

“I wanted to share my story with you, so you too can be helped and healed by Adele!!

As a young girl at school I was bullied, only for a short time, but it was enough to knock my self esteem. As time went on, I feared being rejected and became more and more anxious and suffered a lot of emotional pain. I became anorexic and had a horrific few years. I looked into therapy and found a lady who I paid privately. It was analytical therapy where you talk about your issues. I was told I had OCD and that I would get better with this therapy. Years and thousands of pounds later, I found myself reliant on this lady and I literally could not stand on my own two feet. I went to my Doctor as I felt this therapy couldn’t go on anymore and maybe needed a different kind of help. I was referred to a CBT therapist, who again told me I had OCD. CBT helped me a little and got me in a better place, but I was still nowhere near fixed.

I then met Adele at a yoga session and found out she was a life coach and did something called NLP. I had a quick chat with her and decided to give it a try. I was skeptical as nothing had worked before. I can honestly say that within one session with Adele, I could feel myself becoming more positive and my outlook started to change, for the first time EVER! I have now had 5 sessions with Adele and I can honestly say I feel healed, positive and the best I have ever felt in my life! I don’t know what Adele does or how she does it, but it works!

Adele is so caring, friendly, positive and I feel so grateful to her for literally changing my life! Adele has a saying “STAND IN YOUR OWN MAGNIFICENCE” and with Adele’s help I now can and so can you.

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and a better life to gain!!”

Rachel (Cheshire)


“I have never stuck with any gym or fitness classes in the past but I have now been coming to Adele’s Pilates & Yoga classes for 2 years & I love them!  They are a challenge – every week she seems to push you a little harder but you know its for your own good & I keep coming back for more!  Above all Adele makes the classes fun & inspiring – her positive attitidue is contagious & I feel so much fitter, stronger, healthier & happier than I used to!  Thanks Adele xx”

Helen (yoga class)


“Great Pilates classes! I’m in my 3rd year and my fitness, strength and flexibility have all improved. The sessions are friendly and relaxed but very focused with the emphasis on constant improvement.

Specific Pilates exercises can help to improve body problem areas – in my case, my back. Thanks, Adele.”

Frank (pilates class)


“Adele helped me through significant events in my life and, thanks to her, I’m now equipped with the right tools to be able to help myself in pretty much any situation. Since going to see her, I’ve felt empowered to make decisions in all sorts of situations and my confidence has increased.

“Not only is she a ray of sunshine and a font of knowledge, she has a truly holistic approach to helping people – I’ve taken on board so much, from practical tips on setting achieveable goals to eating for energy.

“I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

Sarah C (life coaching client)


“Ignite classes are truly the best. The energy and focus from Adele really makes you believe you can do it. I never thought I’d lose 1 1/12 stone and run a half marathon, yet here we are only  12 months in. Working with Ignite has helped me realise much more than I ever thought I was capable. Join in you won’t be disappointed. “

Beth R (weight loss client)


“Loved my very first yoga session last night, thanks Adele! ๐Ÿ™‚ x”

Sarah F (yoga class, via Facebook)


“Thanks to ignite4life I have been able to get in contact with myself, I feel more in control of my thoughts and in general more in control of my life. I’m a very anxious person and when things don’t get done quick I get very disappointed, with the course I’ve learnt to control my anxiety and to divide work/goals into small tasks so I can manage them better and achieve more. I would recommend the course ignite4life for anyone who wants to achieve significant goals including weigh loss” 

Martha T (life coaching & weight loss)


“I was recommended Adele’s ignite for life course by a friend and I was not disappointed! It is much more than a weight loss course, I have learnt a lot of very useful and powerful tools and techniques during the 12 week sessions as well as meeting so many lovely ladies. My confidence levels have improved, I look at life in a more positive manner and I believe in my self and my new found goals. Adele is very inspiring and motivating and has helped me to believe i can achieve anything if i put in the work, remain focused and simply believe!

As well as loosing 8lbs since starting the course in January, I have motivated myself into running 3 times a week and started yoga classes with Adele which are just brilliant!

I can not recommend Adele’s courses and classes enough, give it a go you will not look back, only forward to your amazing future ๐Ÿ™‚ xx”

Sarah F (weight loss)


“I started weekly yoga classes with Adele about 9 years ago and she has encouraged and inspired me ever since. She is enthusiastic, passionate and inspirational and above all a lovely person. She supports and encourages you to fulfil your potential in a very clear instructive and informative style with great patience and humour. I would not be as flexible, supple or as balanced as I am without Adeleโ€™s guidance and advice nor would I have the skills of breathing properly or the ability to meditate and relax effectively. I have attended her extended yoga workshops as well as a week-end retreat which was wonderful and allowed for more intense sessions leaving a feeling of well-being and calm. Her Weight Loss Programme helped me improve confidence and achieve goals and I have not since eaten any biscuits! A workshop on healthy eating for energy introduced new ideas which the whole family benefit from and I feel healthier, more energetic and less stressed as a result. Thank you Adele for offering so much and helping me progress thus far.”

Margaret T (yoga)


“Since joining the Ignite for Life course at the beginning of the year, it has totally changed my approach to living life. With Adele’s support and guidance I now make the most of every day, with focus, drive and enthusiasm. For the first time I feel balanced and totally in control of all aspects of my life. From being a person who never exercised, I now attend weekly pilates and yoga classes and enjoy going for a run, I now have so much more energy. Adele started me on my journey to becoming a healthier, happier and fulfilled person, she has empowered me to achieve it, I cant thank her enough.”

Heidi W (weight loss)


“Adele has been teaching me fitness for a number of years, she is just FAB! really inspiring, motivational and most important fun!…she’s always there to listen each of her clients, she makes us feel special, thank you Adele x”

Carole W (fitness classes)


“I never really believed in yoga or its benefits before I went to one of Adele’s classes. Yoga has helped me to believe in myself again, and helped me focus after the sudden death of my father.  I feel that Adele’s classes have enhanced my other training, but more than anything Adele has helped me like myself again, and made me extremely happy.  Thank you, Adele.”

Kay H (yoga student)