It is my intention that everyone I work with reaches their potential. Improving life in every area.

I help people to overcome their personal limitations and transform their lives into something that is fulfilling on every level.

I believe that all things are available for all people and if you are living a life that is less than fulfilling then …I know that I can help you!

Life Coaching…however isn’t for everyone….you have to make a commitment ….you have to WANT IT!

You have to commit to playing FULL OUT to creating a life that you love! If you are ready to commit to personal transformation here

  • If you want to feel happier and healthier than ever before … I am your coach!
  • If you want to enjoy life with limitless confidence…I am your coach
  • If you want to create powerful and compelling goals…I am your coach
  • If you want to manage your weight …I am your coach
  • If you want to improve your relationships…I am your coach!
  • If you are fed up with feeling unfulfilled….I am your Coach….and
  • If you want to find that elusive happiness……guess what…I am YOUR COACH!

The way that I coach is a fun yet firm and I will hold you accountable for taking action and supporting you to becoming the very best version of yourself…

If this is you.. make contact…. book your dynamic conversation with me today!


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How hypnotherapy can help you to reduce stress and become more productive!

In my private practice I have used Hypnotherapy combined with Life Coaching with great success. I have witnessed my clients transform from an un-resourceful emotional state to feeling motivated,energised and inspired. So, why are people still resisting this amazingly powerful form of treatment? Maybe they think I am going to make them bark like a […]

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DoTERRA oils in last weeks Yoga class!

These are the oils that i used in last weeks classes (7th-13th November 2016) As you may already know….I always integrate doTERRA oils in my Yoga classes This week in my Yoga classes in Cheshire I used 3 main oils for the class. I started the class with: BREATHE OIL : RESPIRATORY BLEND Some of […]

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The ability to avoid stress effectively concerns how we avoid those initial anxiety perceptions and the key issue here is that often we don’t even realise we are getting stressed. The ability to manage stress effectively (because it’s impossible NEVER to be stressed) relates to how we manage our response to that ‘fight or flight’ […]

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