As a Clinical hypnotherapist and Life Coach this is something that I deal with on a regular basis as more people are now actively seeking help for a number of issues which fall under this umbrella.

In light of “National mental health day” I thought it prudent to write a quick note on something that can be considered a bit of a taboo subject – mental health!!

Believe it or not we all have it, mental health that is, and I want to help you to improve yours.

Whether it’s something that’s at the forefront of your mind or maybe you’d just like to have a few more tools in your happy tool kit, I thought that I would shed some of my professional light on the subject.

FEED YOUR BODY – This may not be obvious to some of you but SERIOUSLY we need to realise that the food that we eat has a direct impact on the way that we feel. Keep away from refined sugar, it’s a crazy killer and personally I can feel in just a few minutes the sugar high and the associated crash that comes from eating processed biscuits, cakes, white bread, cereals etc.. We should all be eating as much salad, veg and NATURAL nutrition as we can, as this is where it is at.

BREATHE DEEP – This may sound bonkers to you but one of the first things that I teach ALL of my clients is to breathe fully and correctly! I know that you’ve been breathing for a long time and so for me to say that I am going to teach you how to do it may seem like I’m teaching you to suck eggs….but really ALL clients who come to me with any type of anxiety issues are breathing so high into their lungs that the air isn’t even reaching the ribbed area of the body, let alone the pit of the stomach. Here is a quick lesson on how to breathe properly; sit tall, close your eyes and put your hands on your belly, now…slow your breath right down as much as you possibly can, imagine that you have a balloon inside of your stomach that you are blowing up with each inhale, pause for a second or 2, slowly release the breath starting with the breath in your belly first, use your stomach muscles to push the breath out first. When you do this your shoulders shouldn’t move at all.

DO YOGA – I know i know…the amount of people that say to me ‘I am not flexible enough to do yoga”, its like saying “I’m too dirty to take a bath” I can not emphasise enough how doing a yoga class can actually change your mental and emotional wellbeing within a very short space of time. I’ve lost count of the times when I’ve turned up for class feeling less than my best, yet within the first few minutes of getting my yoga groove on, I can feel the energy shifting and the stress literally drop from my body. What I would say in addition to this is; find a teacher that resonates with you, that makes you feel good, you should feel great – even if you’re super relaxed, when you leave the class.

EXERCISE – Even if its just a walk outside for 15 mins, it’ll help you to get out and get some fresh air. Get the blood moving around your body and this itself will release the happy hormones ‘endorphins’ around your body and can help in times of anxiety and depression. If you struggle to get out alone, phone a friend and go for a power walk, its the best thing to walk and talk, you’ll feel so much better when you get back ….you’ll never ever regret going on that walk! ever!
SET SMALL GOALS – Those who haven’t suffered with mental health issues may not understand how it feels to be totally overwhelmed with life, however with some simple steps we can work through this; Simply start to write down little things that you’d like to achieve in one day. Examples of these may be; Clean the kitchen, go for a 40 minute walk, Phone my friend and arrange a coffee date, clean the car. simple do-able things that you can cross off and will give you a feeling of purpose, motivation and improved self esteem.

HUG PEOPLE – I know it may sound like another crazy idea but one of the human needs is a connection to others. In todays day and age we are so disconnected. We interact with our phones, laptops and TVs more than we do each other and its not doing us any good at all. Do you know that you need 4 hugs a day to survive and 12 to thrive? Last year when i was away on retreat at a place called OHI in San Diego (a place where people go to heal and reset) I was the hugging monitor…IT WAS AMAZING! all day, everyday I had people – many of them desperately sick – come up to me and give me hugs….It was the best feeling. I always hug people so if you see me out and about then please feel free to come and hug me…I give them out freely!

If there is any way that I can support you further then please get in touch