About Me

Adele Hartshorn – Specialist in Personal Development

Hey there and welcome to my website!

Let me introduce myself, My name is Adele-Marie Hartshorn and I was born with a crazy amount of curiosity.

In my teens i was outgoing, fearless, adventurous yet also desperately insecure! I had absolutely no confidence in my abilities to get anywhere in life and constantly told myself that I was ‘thick, stupid and I would never amount to anything’….

The results that I got were a reflection of internal dialogue!

In my early 20s I went on a rampage of self enquiry, exploration and development. I read countless self help books and even flew to the other side off the world and studied at The Optimum Health Institute in San Diego, where i saw people healing from terminal diseases using food, mindset and Yoga.

I took part in several rather intense personal development courses and immersed myself in personal transformation….that phase of my life has never really ended to be honest and after qualifying as a group fitness instructor and Personal Trainer to help people to lose weight and regain health, I realised that I had got to get inside peoples minds to make any type of permanent change.

For me, there was only one way to achieve this, so yes, you guessed it, I immerse myself in another deluge of courses, courses and yes….more courses.

I did a 3 year YOGA qualification, then became a qualified LIFE COACH and NLP PRACTITIONER the continued on to become a MASTER PRACTITIONER IN NLP and then most recently CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY!

I did all of this whilst being a single parent to my young daughter, India!

Phew ….I still have a passion for learning that seems to be insatiable when it comes to human behaviour and I use all of the tools that I‘ve gained from not only my study but from my many diverse and bonkers life experiences!

I remember waking up in my 30th year on the planet and just knowing that I had been put here to help people to to be happier and healthier and it’s now my mission to do that!

Inspired by my own mums struggle with weight and health issues I wrote my first book, Permanent Weight Loss, in 2012 which is published on Kindle and now I am about to finish my second book called Transform4Life – which contains excerpts from my course material that I teach on a 10 week basis – both face to face and online!

I am expanding my profile, quickly, as an inspiring motivational speaker and the passion for knowledge and personal transformation in my clients continues to drive me to be a better Coach, therapist and transformer!

I really hope that you have enjoyed reading about my life and I would love us to continue our relationship….

If you would like to stay in touch please fill in the contact form below, to show you that I really do value you, I will send you a free relaxation hypnotherapy recording which you can download and use to remain as happy and healthy as possible!

Have a really great day and thanks for stopping by

Love and light