Death to the DIEt !

>Adele Hartshorn , Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, talks about how to achieve permanent Weight loss by following these simple steps.


Are you on target?

As we quickly head towards the end of January, the time of making our New Years Resolutions already seems so long ago!   How are you doing?  How are you getting on with your 2016 health and wellbeing goals?  Are you getting fitter? Stronger, Leaner, slimmer? How is the DIEt going?
If you’re not succeeding, then why not?  What’s going wrong?  Can you identify the triggers that cause you to fall off the wagon?
Sometimes we have the best of intentions and we have the desire and drive, but we just fail to get to where we really want to be.  We lose motivation and things become really difficult, then before we know it those good intentions have fallen by the way side.  It is such a shame as there is only one thing that is stopping you from getting from where you really want to be and fortunately for you, I can tell you what that is, and how to resolve it.
When I created my course, ‘Permanent Weight Loss’ I listed the contributing factors which I believe create a healthy happy mind and body. Most of used know what to eat and drink however despite our best efforts the ‘self saboteur’ sneaks in and ruins our chance to become a healthier happier version of ourselves!
Sugar, alcohol, bread, processed foods, meat and dairy can all contribute to weight gain. However I firmly believe that it really isn’t as simple as just what we put in to our bodies.  I see weight issues as a symptom and whilst diet and exercise can provide immediate physical relief, if you seriously want PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS. we have to look at what is causing the issue in the first place.  I have learnt over the years that there are many topics which need to be considered in our aim to achieve the body temple that we desire so much. It is so much more than the food that we eat. I don’t believe in DIEt the first 3 letters say it all!


Setting Your Goals.
Goal setting plays huge part in this process, so logically this is where we should be starting when we want to embark on such a big change. In order to create solid goals the SMART acronym has been used successfully in the corporate sector for years, for example:


Specific – How much do you want to lose/exactly how fit do you want to be?

Measurable – How will you know when you are there?

Achievable – Is it possible to do?

Realistic – Can the goal be achieved within the scope of effort that you’re prepared to put in.

Timely – goals without a deadline are just dreams.


How are you talking to yourself?
Another extremely powerful tip that I can give you is to become AWARE.  Start to really listen yourself. The singular most powerful ally that we have is our very own internal dialogue.
As Henry Ford said “If you think that you can, you can, and if you think that you can’t, you are probably right”!
We have to be our very own biggest fan, our very own believer!  Often in life we can create negative beliefs – normally established from a very young age and it is these beliefs, if not challenged, which can hold us back from being the MAGNIFICENT people that we really are!
By using a mix of coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy and self reflection exercises, these beliefs can not only be challenged, but eradicated and replaced with a set of new beliefs which will empower you, and give you all that you need to be a happy, healthier more vibrant version of yourself.
This is one of the most personally rewarding aspects about the work that I do, witnessing someone who doesn’t believe that that are worthy/good enough transform with the use of these powerful tools.


Take time for yourself.

We live in a crazy busy world we are mainly human doings not ‘beings’. It is so important for us to really take some quality time for ourselves to create positive, nurturing habits and you can do this in only a few minutes a day, simply by making small changes every day I can help you move forward to achieve your goals.
Here is an example of some life enhancing tips that can add value to your future self:


•Start a meditation – Sit down in a peaceful place, with no phones to distract, then listen to your own breath. When your mind starts naturally to wonder, bring you focus on to your breath.  You can always find something tranquil on YouTube to listen to if you prefer, or click here to receive my free meditation recording

Walk in nature – its good for the soul, great for the body and it feels awesome.

Hug people – 4 hugs to survive,12 to thrive! Human touch is one of the 6 human needs!

Random acts of kindness – its a proven fact that stress levels drop when we help other people.

Buy a journal and document your life. Write goals, dreams, gratitude list, thoughts. you don’t have to show anyone so you can be truly honest.

Decide what the best version of you is…find a way of committing to it.
Learn to LOVE YOURSELF for the MAGNIFICENT person that you really are!

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