DoTERRA oils in last weeks Yoga class!

These are the oils that i used in last weeks classes (7th-13th November 2016)

As you may already know….I always integrate doTERRA oils in my Yoga classes
This week in my Yoga classes in Cheshire I used 3 main oils for the class.

I started the class with:


Some of the benefits are:
Aids in alleviating the symptoms of Asthma.
Helps minimise the effects of seasonal threats.
Helps you breathe easier.

How To Use Respiratory Essential Oil Blend:
Apply topically to chest and neck to help clear lungs and sinuses
Diffuse at bedtime for more restful sleep
Apply to chest or bottom of feet for seasonal respiratory discomfort with a carrier oil.
This amazing oil can help up to let go of the feelings of grief and pain, allowing us to literally breathe again and alleviate the suffocating feeling of sadness. Assisting in ones connection to life, it invites you to “breathe out” and let go, and be open to receiving on the ‘inhale’!

On beginning the class we took a drop of Breathe oil into our hands and rubbed them together, then we cupped our hands over the nose and mouth and inhaled the oil slowly and deeply, allowing the oil to be taken deep into the lungs.

Placing the left hand over the heart and right hand connecting to the solar plexus allowed us to fully connect with not only our breath but…with Peace and Love and the present moment!

See with all this changes that have been going on in the world, I really wanted to get people to BE THE CHANGE; so connecting fully and completely to PEACE and LOVE was my full intention and WOW was this amazing….I stood at the front of my class in YogaLife in Wilmslow, Cheshire…and I almost (I say almost as it rarely happens) felt speechless! The energy was tangible and I felt very humbled and privileged to be facilitating such a gorgeous experience!
We flowed and sweated and raised our vibrations ….some of us laughed (I love laughing in my classes)….and maybe someone cried….it happens regularly in Shavasana (its like a release…well..not IS a release) When everyone FINALLY got to hang out in Balasana (Childs posture) I applied a drop of PATCHOULI OIL to the base of everybody’s neck..

Wow, what a magical oil (this is why I’ve been drawn to this oil recently) which,
whilst working as a natural anti-depressant, anti inflammatory, diuretic, antiseptic and aphrodisiac, this oil has a whole heap of great stuff going on!

“helps individuals to appreciate the magnificence of the physical body” it really helps a person to be come fully present in their physical body. This oil is great for nobody who has a body image distortions or general body dislike. Allowing us to become more body confident .

From feedback everyone LOVED this, despite smelling like a bunch of hippies !



I finished the class by using Doterra Lavender oil…this is the most popular essential oil as it has so many amazing benefits ;

• Reduces anxiety and emotional stress
• Heals burns and wounds
• Improves sleep
• Restores skin complexion and reduces acne
• Slows aging with powerful antioxidants
• Improves eczema and psoriasis
• Alleviates headaches
This is the oil of communication and helps individuals to express themselves verbally, it helps to calm and relax and encourage emotional honesty, allowing us to express our inner most thoughts and desires. This brings about liberation from limiting thoughts and beliefs!
All in all a gorgeous oil to finish class with!

I hope that you found this information of value …if you would like to host a class at your house I would be more than willing to come along and run a fun and informative class for you and your friends and you can learn how the doterra oils can help and support you in to better health and wellness !
Please feel free to contact me directly for more information about how doTERRA oils can help to support you to feel your very best ; or 07970893994

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