How hypnotherapy can help you to reduce stress and become more productive!

In my private practice I have used Hypnotherapy combined with Life Coaching with great success. I have witnessed my clients transform from an un-resourceful emotional state to feeling motivated,energised and inspired. So, why are people still resisting this amazingly powerful form of treatment? Maybe they think I am going to make them bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken? (eyes roll) 😉

It pains me to know that people are suffering unnecessarily when there is an effective treatment option available.
Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks and addictions are rife, especially in the corporate sector and its a sad but true fact that Medical Doctors have very little resources. They have no option other than to prescribe pills that don’t actually address the cause of the problem, they simply mask the underlying issue. Something that starts off as a “hitch’ or stressful “life event’ manifests itself as one of the previously stated issues, the body then presents us with the physical symptoms of the discomfort that starts in the mind. Many people are inadvertently self medicating with drugs and alcohol to help them to get through life. Is this what we call living a happy, full-filled and joyful life? Im certainly not saying that life is easy but too many people are struggling with things that can be fixed.

The real issues lie in the relationship that we have with ourselves.
Working days have become longer. Modern technology has allowed us to have less defined ‘cut off’ times for work and relax time has blended into business time and vice versa.

Personal development is not only beneficial- its compulsory, in my opinion. If we are not super disciplined and strict with ourselves we can soon find ourselves heading out for long ‘working lunches’ that include a crafty glass of wine or 2, rather than heading to the gym or a Yoga class. (you maybe smiling to yourself right now) Have you ever considered going for a walk in the park and looking up at the sky and being grateful for the simple joys of life, in your lunch break, instead?

We forget to be living in the present moment and acknowledging the small stuff in times of mass consumerism but we can easily tip over the edge into stress which soon becomes anxiety if not dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

We can all recognise when we are feeling a little ‘out of kilter’ but if there is no let up, it just grows, just like a well rained weed. Maybe we find ourselves falling into the bottom of a bottle of wine or 3 at the weekends! Only to wake up on a Monday morning needing coffee, feeling exhausted, worse for wear, rather than relaxed and rejuvenated ready for the week ahead ….being only too aware that we have to start with the monotonous cycle all over again.

This, over a period of time results in all kinds of screams and shouts coming from your body temple,”HEYYY I need water , good food and rest….I am so going to give you some IBS right now-You need to listen to me” Yours lovingly …your body..
“Hey….Im creating a faster heartbeat and the inability to breathe man, You’ve not slept, drank too much and I need a break”!!! “In fact now you’re really not listening to me, I am gonna give you some kick ass shit so that you sit your ass down and you don’t have a choice but to listen to me” – Thank you….Lots of love from…your body!

Is this resonating with you?
SO….How can Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching help?

Just taking an hour or 2 out of your week to talk things through, focus on where you want to get to, setting some inspired goals, and then taking some time where you can ‘check out’ and let your hypnotherapist do the work is invaluable. Having someone to be accountable to is worth its weight in gold. I have benefited massively on a personal level from Hypnotherapy and I know that you could too. It is not about barking like a dog or clucking like a chicken, its about giving your conscious mind a mini break and allowing the words and the intention to drop into the unconscious mind where the lasting change takes place.

If you would like to know more about how Hypnotherapy can help you or your team, feel free to get in touch;