A journey through the last year…

Where have I been, what have I been up to and where am I going next?


I’m writing this article as a qualified and practicing Yoga teacher, Life Coach, NLP Master practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mother! I’m heading home from London to Wilmslow after a great day coaching the employees of a small business, helping them to become happier, healthier, and more balanced.. which in turn will enable their company to grow and succeed!

People tell me that I’m lucky and I absolutely agree.. However I believe that we all create our own luck through setting intentions and creating goals, by ensuring we reinforce our motivation with faith and balance the risk. Then it’s simply a case of holding on for dear life whilst we ride the turbulent waves of….”oh my word, will it wont it? oh YES I’m here”!!!

Believe me it isn’t always easy but then didn’t some wiseman once say nothing worth having is ever easy? Be that true or not, I am sure that the harder we work or the longer we wait for something the more we appreciate it.. right?

My last year has had its fair amount of ups and downs, but I am always learning and growing. I love every single opportunity that allows me to grow and develop, not only personally but on a professional basis too!

Last year saw me completing the ICH Foundation diploma and then going on to complete the full diploma for Clinical Hypnotherapy. The preparation for the exam was tricky especially as I was in the middle of my second house move of the year…(bonkers i know)……anyway I did it and passed with flying colours (did I mention holding on for dear life) 😉 This is something that I had wanted to do for many years, since becoming a life coach, as now I believe that I really do have all of the tools to help my clients to become as happy and healthy as possible.

The beginning of 2015 started with a trip to California on a detox retreat and then the decision to bring the range of doTERRA oils and products into my business. Again I have learned so much about these wonderful bottles of magic and witnessed them help countless people over the period. I am now helping other people to set up their own businesses and mentoring them to create the life that they want, being a self employed, independent advocate. If running your own business in the health and wellbeing industry is something that you would be interested in, working at your own pace, then please do let me know and i will gladly help you!

I’m now in the process of growing and developing my Coaching and Hypnosis practice and relaunching what used be my Permanent Weight Loss course, which has now been updated with my hypnosis teachings, making it even more powerful and so it has become more a self development course which EVERYONE will benefit from, regardless of your goals!

This course contains powerful lessons on goal setting, creating and maintaining motivation, how to eat to both feed and nourish your body, Stress management tools, confidence building tutorials, immune boosting strategies, increasing energy level lessons… oooooh there is sooooo much more but the list is way too long……Needless to say…it has been a very busy time and it is only getting busier. This is how I THRIVE…. I love having a mission, I love making progress I love living my purpose, I love fulfilling my dreams, I love helping people to transform their lives…. I LOVE WHAT I DO!

Do you love what you do? If not why not? Life is to be lived and loved…I’m not saying that it is easy or plain sailing at all….but we chose to be born(on a spiritual level) so really PLAY FULL OUT! Do not leave this planet with your song still inside you, find what makes you happy, do it passionately , live love and learn….and then love a bit more…
I hope that I bump into you soon along our journey and have the opportunity to chat to you more about the exciting developments in Ignites and my personal progress – until then… Be Magnificent!
Love and light