Why it’s important to retreat!

I feel highly qualified to take about this subject – not only as a Yoga Teacher and and Life Coach but as someone who has not only delivered many retreats but visited a fair few too!

Many people are disillusioned into thinking that a retreat is only for the yoga expert or the juicing fanatic. Well i would like to think differently. For me a retreat is not only recommended it is actually necessary!



15 year ago I went on retreat which i believed changed the course of my life. Now this wasn’t a ‘regular’ retreat with some yoga and vegetarian food and a beach to relax on, this was a full on 3 weeks immersion into how the body works, heals itself, juicing, fasting, cleansing, serious detox- not only physically but mentally and emotionally too,colonics, enemas, wheatgrass drinking and implanting (not eve going to mention where)! 😉 I met people who had been told to go home and prepare for the worst and they had managed to heal themselves from a potentially fatal dis-ease through the use of this programme. Needless to say it was life changing and i believe that was a pivotal moment in my life which has ged me to where i am right now. I believe whole heartedly that this particular retreat led me to my life purpose which is indeed to inspire others to be happier and healthier!



Now not ALL retreats are this intense in fact most of them are not at all like this and since then i have been on retreats which gave me a short respite from a busy and demanding life and allowed me to come back feeling a ‘reuniting’ to be inner self. The sense of peace and connection and focus that i gain from going on every retreat is a uniquely special. To have the ability to step out side your everyday life and look at it from an observers position you have time to reevaluate where you are going and if it really is the right path to be on.

We really become the people that we hang out with so sometimes it is really necessary to step away from that for use to make the best decisions for ourselves without any external influence.

Step away from technology and into nature…I don’t think i really need to expand on this too much as we are all very aware how mobile phones and devices are getting in the way of our own down time and space!cp



On a retreat it really is time to STOP doing and start BEING, when we only have ourselves to think about then we can indulge in just being . we spend a good proportion of life being human doings not beings. When we actually take time out and stop then our whole perception of life can change. We think about where we would like to be, what we would like to do and even how we can contribute on a greater scale. I can guarantee that you will always return with a list of new goals; caring from making a conscious effort to be more healthy, eat cleaner, do more yoga ….and the list continues.

We all feel renewed and refreshed when we have been away on a holiday but when this is a specific yoga or wellbeing retreat then the depth of the sense of restoration goes far deeper. feeling a sense of calmness with energy, direction and focus yet relaxed, clear and determined yet peaceful and calm. When you take the time out to hang out with yourself; future yourself with healthy foods, yoga prattle, meditation, mindfulness then you are announcing to the universe that I AM GOOD ENOUGH, I AM WORTHY OF THIS WONDERFUL TREATMENT !

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